Kermel container

KERMEL is a responsible company regarding the protection of the environment:

  • for many years now, KERMEL has been sorting its waste in order to optimise collections and recycling through established organisations.
  • KERMEL has set up a partnership arrangement to collect up and recycle its waste products from the manufacturing process.
  • in 2004, with the support of the Alsace Region, KERMEL made Clean Technology investments to handle VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in order to maintain air quality.

… and health:

  •  although not directly affected, KERMEL ensures that all its suppliers use products which comply with the latest Reach regulations.

KERMEL is making further concrete commitments:

  • by creating a Sustainable Development Department in 2010
  • by planning to obtain ISO 14001 environmental certification by 2012
  • by carrying out a carbon survey to assess the carbon impact of its production site and by implementing an action plan to reduce its carbon footprint
  • by introducing an eco-design initiative to improve the environmental impact of existing products, and also for taking into account the impact of new products.
  • by becoming an active player in the textile sector
  • through partnerships with the industrial competitiveness centres Fibres Est and Pôle Textile Alsace, KERMEL is researching innovative ways of processing and recycling products at the end of their life cycle.
  • by introducing an LCA (life cycle analysis) of the full textile chain
  • from the manufacture of the fibre right up to use and the end of the useful life of clothing based on Kermel® fibres.
  • by demonstrating corporate and social responsibility:
    - through the development of the expertise and employability of its employees through ambitious training plans
    - through the strengthening of its links with different educational establishments, both locally and nationally, in particular by regularly taking on trainees to gain experience within its teams
  • by regularly and openly communicating results in terms of sustainable development