Kermel specializes in wildland fire gear.

During 1989 two European directives concerning personal protection came into force .

  • The European directive 89 / 656 / EEC of 30.10.89 concerns the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • The European directive 89 / 686 / EEC of 21.12.89 concerns PPE and their conception.

 These directives were adapted to French law, both on the conception and on the use of equipments. The employer has therefore to supply to his employees protective equipments suited to the risks and working conditions. And since 1995, the manufacturers have had to affix the CE mark which guarantees the quality of their equipments.


  • General design of the cloth

  • Essential requirements of safety ; Performance on fire and heat

  • General requirements : mechanical strength, durability, comfort It is therefore a commitment of responsibility on the level of performance of a garment by respecting the standards.

 For KERMEL,respecting legal requirements is linked to an internal requirement of products optimization, in order to reach the highest level of performance.

 Other standards

EN 533 : protective clothings against heat and flames - mention of performance for the spreading of limited flame.
EN 531 : protective clothings for workers exposed to the heat
EN 470 : protective clothings used during soldering or similar activities

Useful standard data