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SKEED has been developed for high speed sports underwear and garments for automobile, motorcycle and ski at competition level.

 SKEED® is made up of underwear for automobile sports, bodysuit for motorcycle use, mechanics coveralls, and also outift for speed skiing.

SKEED® clothes, realized from fibers Kermel®, offers multiple advantages:

  • A protection against the risk of fire (by hydrocarbon) for racing drivers and mechanics,

  • A protection against heat and risk of burn, in case of high-speed slide by motorcyclists,

  • A safety protection against cold for road riders as well as winter sports in general

The role of underwear for motorcyclist is to prevent the contact with a material which can melt during a high speed slide, as a synthetic lining material. It also contributes to limit the transmission of heat from the leather to the skin by its insulating properties and thus to limit the risk of burn.

 Non-flammable and non-meltable SKEED® clothes also offer :

  • A conformity with the international standards (FIM, FIA, SFI)

  • A protection and an insulation of heat and flame

  • An excellent thermal inertia to maximize comfort at warm climate as cold climate

  • A good management of humidity: fast absorption of sweat and fast drying

  • A pleasant easiness of wearing and ease of the movements in leather overall.

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