High performance technical and industrial Kermel solutions: fibres, resins and papers for technical uses

Kermel Insulright paper for LAMINATES:

electrical insulation

Insulright laminatesKermel Insulright laminates for thermal and electrical insulation

KERMEL INSULRIGHT is a new high performance paper with thermal and electrical insulatin properties. 

In order to meet the market trends with a full range of products, KERMEL has launched KERMEL INSULRIGHT which has outstanding properties especially in environments submitted to high temperature constraints of about 180°C.

KERMEL INSULRIGHT is mainly dedicated to structures such as laminates which are composed of:

  • two layers of Kermel Insulright calendered paper – available in different thicknesses -
  • and one layer of polyester or polyimide film as follows:
    - Kermel Insulright/ Polyester / Kermel Insulright
    - Kermel Insulright/ Polyimide / Kermel Insulright


Additionally, Kermel Insulright laminate has good mechanical properties such as good mechanical strength and elongation.