Kermel X-FLASH

Kermel Industry

The new reference in abrasion resistance

KERMEL X-Flash® sets a new reference in the field of abrasion resistance.

Therefore, it is the ideal protective fabric for industrial protective clothing which is subject to extreme mechanical stress.

Alongside the inherent flame resistance which guarantees permanent flame protection, it meets numerous standard requirements.
This characteristic renders it a multi-norm protective fabric which can withstand even the toughest challenges.

KERMEL X-Flash® is also the ideal product for use in the linen hire industry.
In combination with the high dimensional stability, the abrasion resistance guarantees repeated wash and wear cycles. These positive characteristics are rounded off by the lack of pilling and the high degree of colour fastness.

KERMEL X-Flash®  is also recommended as a filling material to reinforce protective clothing in high-wear areas.

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