Kermel® lci

Kermel LCI solution for industrial workers

Kermel LCI for Laundering, Comfort and FR Inherent requirements

Kermel LCI is well-suited for a variety of working conditions.
Compliant with international standards, it is specifically adapted to the needs of end-users depending on the climate constraints and can be used in coveralls, parkas, pull-overs, shirts, jackets or trousers.

 Kermel LCI is a unique solution with durable properties over extensive washes. It provides protection against heat, flame and electric arc thanks to the inherent and permanent fire resistant properties of Kermel fibres.

Exceptional durability over the garment’s lifetime is offered, thanks to unique properties that leave the garment like new even after 50 washes. With its high dimensional stability, it retains size and shape through severe industrial laundering constraints.

Kermel LCI ensures the wearer a high degree of comfort. It is one of the lightest fabrics on the market with no sacrifice on user protection.

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A unique fabric with durable properties over extensive washes for multi-risk protection !