Industry protective clothing


Kermel workwear offer protection against electrical arc

Safety workwear: Protection and Comfort

When working in dangerous environments where the possibility of injury from heat, flames, chemicals and electrical arcs is a daily reality, safety workwear made of Kermel® aramid fibres are your best defense.

Because protection and comfort requirements vary from one situation to another, Kermel® exists in a complete range of textile solutions meeting all prevailing requirements and non-flam standards.
All industrial protective clothing in the range are permanently non-flammable:
all safety workwear associated with Kermel® aramid fibres are therefore considered to be non-flam throughout the service life of the clothing.

 Thus, no subsequent flame-retardant treatment is required on Kermel® industrial protective clothing.

 This provides individuals wearing Kermel® fibre protective clothing optimum protection in all industrial and chemical hazardous situations. All Kermel® safety workwear complies with the requirements of limited flame propagation (EN 533-S74-524 standard) and with heat transmission performance levels

Safety workwear made of Kermel aramid fibre:

  • Well-suited for a variety of working conditions: Kermel® LCI

  •  Jeanswear, a durable non-flammable innovation designed for total protection: Kermel® Denim


  • One of the world's lightest aramid fabrics to pass the requirements of the NFPA 70E Class 2 standard: Kermel® GlenGuard





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Kermel® fibre is a polyamide-imide, classified as a meta-aramid.

Many assets thanks to its chemical structure:

Non-flammability: It is permanently non-flammable by nature. Industrial protective clothing made from Kermel® aramid fibre thus offers maximum protection at very high temperatures (up to 1,000°C), contrary to protective clothing only treated with a fire-retardant that deteriorates over time.

Thermal insulation: Kermel® aramid fibre is an excellent thermal insulator, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lightweight protective clothing.

Thermostability: Kermel® fabrics are flame stable and protective clothing integrity is maintained for a relatively long time, thus allowing for sufficient egress time.

Resistance to chemicals: The chemical inertness of Kermel® aramid fibres provides efficient protection against the majority of chemical agents, even at high concentrations under the effect of splashing.

Permanent colour: The main advantage of Kermel® over competing fibres is the fact that it is solution-dyed during the manufacturing process. This property allows exceptional color fastness. KERMEL offers a range of over 40 colours for your industrial protective clothing !

Extreme comfort: The fibre's low modulus results in Kermel® aramid fabric and knitwear having unequalled drape, softness and comfort.

Impressive appearance: Kermel® does not pill: industrial protective clothing stay looking perfect over time.

Good mechanical resistance: Its high resistance to abrasion allows for the creation of extremely durable industrial protective clothing, that do not deteriorate during industrial wash cycles.