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Hot gas filtration

Manche filtrante Kermel Tech

Kermel Tech PAI fibre: performance from the polymer to filter bags


Performance at the service of hot gas filtration

Kermel Tech PAI (polyamide-imide), a high performance fibre

The Kermel Tech PAI fibre has been specially developed to cope with ever increasing thermal and chemical requirements in the field of gas filtration.
The specific aromatic polyimide-amide chemical structure of Kermel Tech offers exceptional resistance to:
- long-term elevated operating temperature
- and
shorter term high temperature peaks, even combined with acid hydrolysis and oxidising aggression.

Kermel Tech PAI fibre puts its performance at the service of filtration by guaranteeing long service life and reliability of filter bag dust removal systems under rigorous conditions.

Industrial chain

Two possible chains

 Circuit A :

1.  PAI fibre manufactured by KERMEL, becoming a:

2. yarn by the spinner

3. scrim by the weaver

4. filtering medias by the manufacturer of filtering medias

5. filter bags by the manufacturer of filter bags

 Circuit B :

1. PAI fibre manufactured by KERMEL

2. filtering medias by the manufacturer

3. filter bags by the manufacturer


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