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Alsace Terre Textile
KERMEL est Acteur du label Alsace Terre Textile.

Kermel® fibres result from the research conducted by Rhône Poulenc in the 60s. They have been produced in Colmar, France, from the outset since the launch of production in 1972.

Up to 1984 , they were only sold to the French armed and police forces. Gradually, Kermel® fibres were offered to all protective clothing markets (particularly the fire-fighting equipment market) across the world. KERMEL company as it exists today came into being in July 1992 , in the form of a joint venture set up by Rhône Poulenc Aramides and Amoco Fabrics and Fibers Company.

 When Rhône-Poulenc bought out the shares of Amoco in August 1996 , KERMEL became a fully-owned subsidiary of Rhône Poulenc.
In 1998 KERMEL joined Rhodia.

 KERMEL was bought out by the management (MBO) led by the European private equity firm Argos Soditic in September 2002. Barclays Private Equity France became the reference shareholder of KERMEL at the Management team side in 2007.

Qualium has become the major shareholder of KERMEL at the management team side since 2012.

In 2014, KERMEL, a member of the regional Pole Textile Alsace, was awarded the label "Alsace Terre Textile" as a proof of high quality solutions produced locally.