Fire suits

Fire fighters in action

KERMEL has always worked in close relationship with firefighters in order to meet all their requirements.

Textile fire suits become more and more predominant over other solutions. KERMEL has developed a wide range of outer fabrics meeting all the requirements in terms of protection, thermal insulation, comfort and breathability.
KERMEL also offers innovative solutions for membrane supports, thermal barriers and linings.

Outer fabrics:

* Our 100% Kermel antistatic solutions

  • Kermel HEROSKIN®


* Our Kermel solutions reinforced with para-aramide

  • Kermel® KTS 210, our new outer fabrics' solution for turnout gear - This outer fabric offers high mechanical performance, exceptional durability and an outstanding appearance that lasts, yet it remains a cost-effective solution.

  • Kermel® GM 10, our new solution for outer fabrics for fire suits - This double-sided outer fabric provides turnout gear with outstanding mechanical resistance.
  • Twin® Kermel®, a 100% Kermel fabric reinforced in the back side by a para-aramide for a better tear strength.

  • Kermel HTA® Premium, a high quality core-spun yarn. This is the reference on the market and is still unbalanced in terms of mechanical performance.

  • Kermel® Evolution: the newest fabric combining the high technology of the core-spun yarn with the durability of the 100% Kermel yarn. This gives a very resistant fabric with a perfect quality aspect.


Upload our documentation in German:

- Kermel KTS 210 leaflet
- Kermel GM 10 leaflet
- Kermel firefighter brochure