Our high tech fibre

Kermel is a polyamide-imide, classified in the meta-aramid family. This very high technological fibre does not melt nor burn when exposed to extreme high temperatures. Its excellent properties make it the ideal choice for heat and flame-resistant textiles.
Kermel is a naturally non-flammable fibre. Non-flammability is a permanent characteristic thanks to Kermel’s chemical structure including a high proportion of aromatic structures and combined double bonds. Kermel fibre is an excellent thermal insulator. It also has very good mechanical resistance and resistance to chemicals. Kermel is a smooth-surfaced fibre with an almost circular cross-section. This shape, as well as its modulus, makes it comfortable and very pleasant to the touch.
Kermel fibre is solution-dyed during the manufacturing process for lifelong colourfastness. Kermel does not pill, i.e. fabrics continue to look as good as new over extended periods, even when working clothes are worn every day.
Protective garments made in Kermel combine lightweight and comfort while ensuring a very high level of protection. Kermel shrinks very little in boiling water or in dry air, so garments made from Kermel fibres are perfectly suited for industrial laundry.

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