23 February 2019 kermel-admin

Kermel Code C7® : the latest generation of fire resistant camouflage combat suits

With more than 40 years of combat suit development for troops around the world, Kermel has launched a thermostable and strengthened textile solution: Kermel Code C7®.
Meeting the real requirements of soldiers on the field, this single layer product has very high durability, while being simultaneously very light and super-resistant.
Thanks to its high content of aramid fibres, Kermel Code C7® is an inherently and permanently fire resistant fabric offering excellent thermal protection. Its engineered blend and construction keeps the fabric strong and flexible even after flame exposure.
Kermel Code C7 is dedicated to camouflage purposes : desert and woodland. A special cross-dyeing technology combined with partially dope dyeing enables camouflage colours to remain very stable after use.
Some finishing options can be done to protect against oil, water, blood, chemicals and mosquitoes.

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