Fire fighters

Kermel develops and manufactures fibres used in fire suits worn by the world’s firefighters keeping them safe and comfortable. From underwear to turnout gear, Kermel develops textile solutions meeting and outperforming all the requirements and standards.
All these solutions have several properties in common: they always combine protection, wearability and durability.


Kermel, the solution for your turnout gear

Kermel fibre is a polyamide-imide classified in the meta-aramid family. It is inherently non-flammable. Your protective clothing made from Kermel fibres are permanently fire resistant.
Thanks to the core properties of Kermel fibre, your fire suits offer maximum protection against very high temperatures.
Always at the forefront of technology, Kermel in-house design team constantly develop new weaving structures blending high performance Kermel with other fibres and yarns to outperform the market’s expectations.


Kermel, the solution for your specifc needs linked to wildland

Kermel takes all the requirements of thermal protection into account when developing new textile concepts of outer layers for turnout gear.
Good mechanical resistance of Kermel fibre means garments with good wear properties that will resist the test of time.
Textile concepts made in Kermel fibre are permeable to air, managing sweat evaporation in hot areas for the long term. With innovative weaving structure and the natural breathability and hydrophilic properties of Kermel makes it the number 1 choice.


Solutions in Kermel fibres for your station wear

Thanks to its low modulus, Kermel fibre is silk-soft to the touch. Station wear in Kermel is very comfortable to wear.
Station wear garments have to keep their perfect appearance over their lifetime. Kermel fibre has a good resistance to pilling, so your clothes will look new for longer during their length of service.
Your protective clothing in Kermel are multi-functional. They protect you against heat, flames and hazards while being extremely comfortable in their use.

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