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They use Kermel fibre

Kermel fibre is permanently non-flammable. It is used in protective clothing against heat, flame and electric arc.

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Law enforcement

Police forces wear protective clothing made from Kermel fibres worldwide, due to their very high performance combining maximum protection and extreme comfort.
Tailor-made textile concepts are developed for public order and special forces.

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Since the development of thermostable suits for military armoured vehicle teams more than 40 years ago, Kermel has been collaborating with the technical services of armies in order to supply men and women on the field with the most innovative solutions : Army, Air Force, Navy.

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Fire fighters

Kermel develops and manufactures fibres used in fire suits worn by the world’s firefighters keeping them safe and comfortable. From underwear to turnout gear, Kermel develops textile solutions meeting and outperforming all the requirements and standards.
All these solutions have several properties in common: they always combine protection, wearability and durability.

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In order to meet each individual need in terms of protection and comfort, Kermel fibres can be used in a very wide range of textile solutions complying with international standards.
Protective clothing made in Kermel fibres offer a very high level of protection against heat, flame, liquid chemicals or molten splashes and electric arc.

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Our company

Kermel company develops and manufactures aramid fibres thanks to a unique technology produced in its own laboratories.

Our history

Kermel fibres are used in heat and flame resistant garments. Main end-users relying on Kermel’s outstanding protection properties are fire-fighters, military, law enforcement professionals and industrial workers.
Kermel fibre has been produced in Colmar, France, from the outset since the launch of production in 1972.

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Our high tech fibre

Kermel is a polyamide-imide, classified in the meta-aramid family. This very high technological fibre does not melt nor burn when exposed to extreme high temperatures. Its excellent properties make it the ideal choice for heat and flame-resistant textiles.

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Our Quality management

Kermel company has been committed to the quality management system for a long time. It is ISO 9001-certified for Quality, OHSAS 18001-certified for health and safety at work and Kermel fibres are Oeko-Tex-labelled.

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